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In this digital age, new technologies are constantly emerging and changing the way we live our lives. Not only do these technologies have the capability to change the way we live our lives, but how we do business. Companies that want to have a competitive edge need to understand what new technologies will have the biggest impact on how they operate if they want to stay on top of their competitors. The following technologies will have the capability to change your profession in the near future.

User Mapping 

User mapping is already heavily used throughout the industry. User mapping is essential when it comes to understanding the user experience. By utilizing this technology not only can you learn more about your consumer base, but where the business needs to improve. User mapping has a plethora of benefits ranging from understanding customer emotions to reduced costs to increased sales.

Virtual Reality 

An increasing trend in the workplace is moving from the office to the home. As virtual reality’s presence increases in the office, the remote-working trend will also increase. Virtual reality will allow employees to work from home, but stay connected with their co-workers digitally. As of right now, Facebook is currently in the process of creating a virtual reality chatroom. After this development, it may be possible that Facebook will release this feature to the business community through Workplace by Facebook.

Artificial Intelligence 

As of recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. However, employees are still perplexed at what an impact it will have on the workplace. Voice-to-text transcriptions will save time and review any information from the meeting without having to rely on your mental or written notes. AI can also help improve human resource functions such as writing effective job posting and recruiting emails.

Above all AI is a game changer when it comes to improving the customer experience. New innovative software has the ability to record and analyze business meetings. The software will then help improve performance by replicating how top sellers interact with prospects.

Chatbots are another AI trend that more businesses are adopting. Chatbots are helping to free up employees time and reduce the amount of human-to-human interaction especially for those who work within customer service. Chatbots match certain keywords, follow a pre-scanned guide and then select an answer of best fit.

Welcoming and embracing these technologies with welcome arms will help to establish a more innovative and streamlined workplace. It isn’t a question of whether or not these technologies will become an integrated part of the workplace, but rather it’s when.