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3 Ways Leaders Can Show They Care About Their Team

In business, you are only as good as your team. And if you are a leader in your company, then you need to have the right strategies to get everyone on board and motivated to help the company’s bottom line. One of these pillars is making sure they know you care about them. Here are three ways to demonstrate it:

Go Personal

Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you have to keep the conversation solely about work. When you don’t let natural and personal topics into conversations, the workplace becomes stuffy and boring. The modern employee doesn’t want to work in an environment like that, and neither should you.

Instead, opt for more work-life balance by introducing personal topics into the conversation. Ask them how their weekend was. If they have kids, encourage them to share some funny stories from the week. And everyone has a strange hobby. Instead of making fun of them for it, encourage them to talk about their passion.

Hold Them Accountable (The Right Way)

If your rules are vague, then you will get bad results from your employees. Show them you truly care by holding them accountable with tough love, but only with regards to specific goals.

When you demonstrate that you want them to succeed, you are proving that you care. With measurable steps along their career, they can feel confident they are progressing and get valuable feedback from you if there is something they need to improve on.

Have a Flat Hierarchy

Long gone are the days where companies were monoliths where the only person making any real decisions was alone at the top. Today’s world is different thanks to the internet and other technology.

If you want to show how much you care, then give your team members responsibilities and the freedom to make decisions. Empower them will small decisions, then work up as they prove they are reliable and consistent in their abilities to judge situations.

If you want to have more success in business, focus on showing your employees that you really do care. When they know that you have their back, they will go the extra mile for you. Use the tips above and your team members will start contributing more to the business than you thought possible.