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For many organizations, employee happiness is not recognized as a priority. You will often find that businesses keep their primary focus on the satisfaction of their clients or customers.


However, employees serve as the backbone of organizations. Happy employees that find focus and passion in their work increase productivity rates upwards of 12 to 20%. When productivity rates increase, you will see a direct correlation to your bottom-line.


If you want your business’s profits to increase, take the time to ensure the happiness of your happiness. By implementing the following small changes, you will notice an improvement in both your employees’ happiness and your bottom-line.


Build Trust


Trust is the core of any professional relationship. Without trust, your organization will not be able to reach an agreement. By not promoting a level of trust in your workplace, you won’t be able to develop a happy work environment. When employees start to feel trust and can act independently, they can perform with more confidence and creativity. This promotes a higher sense of value within the individual, which contributes to the production of higher quality work.


Provide Growth Opportunities


If you find your employees lacking engagement while at work, assign them tasks that allow them to grow professionally. Assigning the same ordinary tasks every day will prevent your employees from learning and growing.


Try introducing a new tool to your system or allow your employees to participate in conferences or mentorships. By providing growth opportunities likes these, your employees we can apply their new knowledge to current job while feeling more appreciated and valued.


Recognize Hard Work


By recognizing your employees for the hard work that they produce, you can increase the chance of a positive feedback loop that will promote future good practice. One of the biggest motivators for employees is public recognition. By giving a person a shout out during a meeting or in an internal newsletter, your employee will feel motivated to produce quality work. Additionally, this will encourage other employees to work hard in the hopes of being recognized.


Be Flexible


In this digital era, employees have more flexibility when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance. Due to the abundance of wifi and mobile devices employees can easily work without having to sit at a desk. By allowing your employees the independence of working out of the office, it can increase productivity level up to 30 to 60%.