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In a results-oriented work culture, an organization focuses on working towards goals or achievements rather than just accomplishing the bare minimum. Although the definition is simple, creating a results-oriented work culture is easier said than done. However, by implementing the following guidelines in your own workplace, you will grow closer to obtaining this optimal environment.

Set Clear Expectations

Establishing goals within your workplace will help employees realize what is expected of them. Absent guidance on what duties they should be fulfilling, the prevalence for productivity decreases.  Expectations need to be established from the very beginning of the employees’ hire. At the point of hire, you should define the scope of expected work standards in order for that employee to be successful.

Stress Accountability

Once you set those goals and expectations, make sure that employees follow through. Encourage their responsibility and accountability. When there is no accountability within a workplace, it can damage the team as a whole. One employee’s shortfall can snowball into more shortfalls across the board. Hold employees to high standards and do not let lousy work product slip through the cracks.

Provide Feedback

While reinforcing work standard and correcting non-conformity, you should also remember to praise your employees. A results-oriented culture should continuously be providing their employees with feedback. Constructive feedback offers great benefit to the professional aura of employees. Feedback allows employees become more motivated and open to growth and change.

Improve Communication

Socializing and forming relationships with coworkers helps to build a community of trust and openness. Creating this type atmosphere helps to promote collaborative work and helps to engage a team mentality. Even though socializing is beneficial, it should be maintained to a certain degree.

Spending the entire day divulging your private life by the water cooler will not be beneficial. To have z results-oriented culture, you must balance socializing and use it to enhance the workplace, not damage it.  

Implementing these tips in your workplace will help you establish a results-oriented work culture. Not only will you sense the change in the environment, but you will see the difference in your employees.  All around, you will see an increase in productivity and efficiency within the workplace.