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Jeremy Felder has founded numerous entrepreneurial ventures.


At Chase Receivables, he directs most of the company’s organization, cross-country.

He is also highly active in volunteer work.

Jeremy Felder is a business management consultant in Fairfield, New Jersey. An entrepreneurial leader with an aptitude for detail and troubleshooting, Jeremy has had an extensive career path in both developing new brands and drastically improving operations at existing companies.

Jeremy FelderBefore his time as a business management consultant, Jeremy Felder was the CCO/COO of Chase Receivables. In this position,  Jeremy directed most of the company’s production workforce, cross-country. He was responsible for all day-to-day business process and operations, including the acceleration of recovery strategies while maintaining total compliance with evolving rules and regulations, as well as federal and state collection laws.


A forward-thinking executive, Jeremy had previously reinvented the existing business practice and implemented a broad range of change initiatives, including state-of-the-art consumer outreach technologies at Chase Receivables while remaining within the established framework of the highly litigious debt collection industry.

Jeremy is a member of ACA International (ACA), a trade group representing collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers, collection attorneys and debt collection industry service providers. He is certified and credentialed by the ACA as a CCCO (certified Credit and Collections Compliance Officer), PCS (Professional Collection Specialist), and ACA International Scholar.

As an entrepreneur at heart, Jeremy Felder has pursued a few of his own entrepreneurial endeavors.  Jeremy was the Co-Owner/Operator of Critical Response Training Associates (CRTA), a workplace safety consulting company which provides health and safety accident-prevention and response-oriented training solutions. CRTA has since expanded into a full-scale training nexus offering a library of course studies for a range of client audiences. Jeremy previously founded a snack product distribution startup, where he was able to leverage success with a powerful web presence and social media outreach, which helped to establish a nationwide sales vehicle. Jeremy also has diverse experience as a law office administrator, having had broad responsibility within a boutique multi-practice litigation firm. These early experiences reflect Jeremy’s ability to spearhead a project from concept to execution.

He now brings this expertise to his consulting business as he helps his clients create an innovative business strategy while developing their business skills and knowledge.


More About Jeremy

Jeremy earned his Associate’s Degree from Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey, and his Bachelor of Science from Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama. He then earned his Master of Science from Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio, and was later accepted to William Mitchell School of Law in Minnesota – the nation’s first Hybrid (OSOL) Law Program.

In addition to his corporate work, Jeremy does volunteer work for S4 Infinity, an organization dedicated to helping the people and country of Liberia to become economically viable. From improving transportation to opening new health clinics to donating resources to schools and literacy centers, S4 Infinity fills a much-needed role in reshaping communities throughout Liberia. Jeremy serves as Vice President in S4 Infinity’s Office of Project Management.

On this blog, Jeremy Felder will share his insights into business development, corporate leadership, and more. Stay tuned!

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