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Keeping an employee fully engaged in their job is a difficult task to accomplish. Over half the United States workforce is not engaged while at work. More than often employees lose interest and motivation in the work that they do thus impacting how a company acts as a whole. Mental Health America reports that disengaged employees can cause a great lost in productivity. Disengaged employees can cause businesses to lose between $450 to $500 billion a year.

How to increase employee engagement can be a daunting task for bosses and leaders, but there is an answer. Utilizing the concept of gamification in the workplace has proven to be an effective strategy.

Employee gamification is an aspect that plays into psychology. Gamification plays into the drive that humans have to compete and outdo one another, all while getting instantly rewarded. Implementing this psychological strategy helps to motivate workers and drive higher employee productivity rates as well as improve business outcomes.

Workplace Gamification has manny impactful benefits that can shape your workplace and maximize productivity. By implementing gamification, it brings a fun environment to the workplace and makes doing work seem like a more pleasurable task. The opportunity to win, to receive rewards or gain recognition helps to push the drive of an employee to work to their best potential.

Using this reward system also helps to instill a sense of control for employees. The work they accomplish is completed of their own will, rather than answering to a demand from an authoritative figure.

As humans are competitive by nature, using the concept of gamification helps to incite competition amongst co-workers. Instilling that sense of competition helps employees to set goals to precede one another and become the “ultimate winner.”

Speaking of setting goals, it is a great way to show employees their progress in their work. However, performance reports are usually set in the form of annual goals. Having annual goals in the workplace makes it easy for employees to forget the goals that they once made and become uninspired.

Gal Romon of Game Effective explains that by utilizing gamification strategies feedback is given back in real time, making it easier for an employee to see the quality of the performance. Within the gamification application employees can recognize their errors right away, rather than waiting for several weeks or months.

Using games is a great tool to use in the workplace to encourage productive behavior. As our understanding of human motivation increases, so can gamification strategies that businesses can utilize to create engaged employees.